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Pine Marten

South West Scotland

The Pine Marten is one of the UK’s rarest animals, they have a stronghold here in Scotland, there are small colonies springing up in England and Wales. The pone marten must be top of the list when it comes to looking cute, they are stunningly beautiful but don’t be misled, these little mammals are incredibly aggressive and will fight to the death with interlopers

These images were taken in South West Scotland in the Galloway Forest a whole wild area of Scottish woodland.

If you would like to photograph the Pine Martens take a look at this link for workshop details.

Please click on the image below to see details of the workshop that takes your interest

All Ron’s photographs displayed on the website are here for you to enjoy, it is hoped that you will experience some of the pleasure enjoyed when taking them. If you wish to own a copy yourself feel free to contact me. The beauty of the wildlife that surrounds us is clearly shown in the images within. All images are the copyright of Ron McCombe, reproduction without written permission is not allowed.

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