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Pine Marten Jumping Head-on Workshop

This is the advanced Pine Marten Workshop

no workshops planed 


£175 per person

£350 for a one to one session 

Gift vouchers available for this workshop

Please see our terms and conditions before booking 

Terms and Conditions

This is an advanced workshop photographing one of the rarest mammals in the UK jumping head-on into the camera. A very rare image indeed.

This workshop is a nighttime event using flash photography and remote shutter release. The photography is difficult, to get the required image of the marten jumping towards the camera patience and perseverance is required for success. 


DSLR cameras, Mirrorless cameras, Micro four-thirds cameras.

Lens size of 200mm maximum, zoom lenses are very good for this 

Wireless remote shutter release. Tripod capable of standing over five feet

Please see our terms and conditions  Terms and Conditions

This is a workshop where you won’t get hundreds of images, there will be lots of visits by the pine martens but only one single shot can be taken at each marten jump, only single shots with the flash so it’s only one shot per visit.

The photography is challenging but very well worth it to get images like these

Please email to book a place on this Jumping Pine Marten workshop