Osprey and Raptor Workshop.

Osprey and Rapors Workshop

Sat 21st, Sun 22rd, Mon 24th July 2018

The Raptor part of the workshop is on Sunday 22nd 12:00 – 4:00

One day only


Osprey Only Workshop

Mon 24th, Tues 25th, Wed 26th, Thur 27th July 2018


1 day £195, 2 days £360, 3 days £540.

To book these workshops please contact Ron via this email address

Please email ron@wildlife-photography.uk.com


Phone Ron on 01450 870044 or 07802236740 to make the booking

A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking

By paying the deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

terms and conditions


The Osprey has a stronghold in the Scottish Highlands and the area around Aviemore holds good numbers. The birds can be seen fishing in the local lochs and rivers nearby. he site.

The site Aviemore ospeys continually out performs other osprey sites in the area in terms of dive each morning. This year saw 32 dives  during my workshop in July. There are two hides on the site, the original hide which gives mainly side on shots and the new hide which gives head-on shots. Everyone will have the oppotunities to use both hides

 July is the peak time for ospreys to fish as their young start to fledge and  leave the nest.

The site is in the centre of Aviemore the exact meeting place will be given when booking.

The photography loch site is a very short walk to the hide overlooking the small loch where the ospreys feed on the stocked fish. The strike rate last summer was 6 -10 strikes per morning giving great opportunities to get images of this great event. We have recently been seeing the beautifull kingfishr at the site which is an added interest to the photography.

This is diifucult photography and I recomend that all photographer do three days for the ospreys to be sure of getting the images you are looking for. The light can vary in the early norning, the weather can vary and the time of day the ospreys come to fish can vay



In addition to the Osprey workshop we will be photographing a collection of falconry birds on the Sunday afternoon at 12:00 – 4:00. The raptorswill be  golden eagle, goshawk, peragrine falcon, ural owl, bald eagle, tawney owl spectacled owl. The birds may change due to condition and breeding status.

The selection of birds is left to John the Falconer, he will not bring birds in poor condition and birds that are not weel.

We have a  private flying area within a pine wooded for the raptor part of the workshop The only people present are the photographers, the gates will be locked behind us and the birds are able to fly freely.

Workshop Timing

The workshop corresponds with the young Ospreys fledging, this changes each year depending on mainly the weather. This is the best time for photographers to get images of the adult female teaching her young to dive for fish and some young fledge later that others and need much persation to leave the nest by the adult birds. They will coax the young of of the nest by taking food to a nearby tree and calling the young, persuading them to leave the nest.


Included. The number of sessions booked in the loch-side hide in the early morning. Tuition on all mornings.

Not included. Accommodation, food,  transport to and from Aviemore, equipment, insurance.


Lenses usefull for the workshop are 300mm – 600mm  prime lenses, 100-300mm, 100-400mm, 200-400mm zoom lenses. bean bag, tripod, spare cards, and batteries. It can be quite cold so a small flask of something hot would be usefull.


Each day meet at 04:15am on each morning in the car park near to the hide and make our way down to the hide to photograph the ospreys  At around 08:30am  the osprey photography will end, and the rest of the day is free.


3 thoughts on “Osprey and Raptor Workshop.”

  1. Hi Ron,

    do have vacancies for osprey photography in Aviemore?
    I am a German photographer and would like to come to Scotland in August. What is the price per day?

    Best regards
    Berndt Fischer

  2. Good morning Ron, I am very interested in this but my problem is I dont drive. I can get lift to Aviemore for the 04:45 start but would I need transport to get to hide ?
    Cheers Kenny

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