Puffins and Seabirds Photography on the Farne Islands

It is coming around to that time of year again when we can get out to the Farne Islands to take pictures of the Atlantic Puffin and other seabirds. The seabirds are returning to the Farne Islands where they will breed again. They will be on the nest sites any day now and the egg laying will coincide with the arrival of the sand eels in the area of the North Sea adjacent to the Farnes.

The best month to get pictures of the puffins is June as they start to feed their young and are flying with sand eels in their mouths. A westerly wind is best as they fly into the wind as they land and a westerly will have  the puffins flying into the light also.

The arctic terns are also sitting on eggs and they nest next to and even on the pathway around the islands giving the very best opportunities to get exceptional pictures of these beautiful birds, but be warned, they will peck you on the head when you get too close.

I am running my workshops on the Farnes to help aspiring wildlife photographers get good images of all the birds on the Farne Islands. Exposure can be difficult with the combination of light and dark birds and the bright light on the islands, but there are techniques to help you get better pictures of these fabulous birds.

For details of the trips see the information on this link


Puffin in flight
Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern

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  1. Thanks Linda,
    Many thanks for you kind comments, I am looking forward to the puffin workshops again this year, we get so close to the puffins and other birds



  2. Incredible images. I can’t wait for my day! Have emailed you in respect of the date.

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