Brown Hares

Its been a good week for photographing the brown hares in the Borders. The warm spring weather seams to have instilled a bit of life in the hares and they were getting quite active. I was lucky enough to get them very close in on a few occasions.  Going out most mornings in the early morning sunshine and managed to get some good pictures.

Here are a few of them.

I have just sent out my March newsletter highlighting the brown hare with a few tips on how to photograph them.

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  1. Karen McDonald says:

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I received and read your newsletter, and have kept it filed away for when I might be able to capture shots like this. Thanks for sharing Ron :-)

  2. Ron McCombe says:

    Thanks Karen
    go iut and have a go, I’m sure you can get some pictures of the hares

  3. emma morton says:

    what a wonderful collection of brown hare photographys the last head on shot is just fab another competion winner.

  4. Ron McCombe says:

    Thanks Emma,

    your too kind


  5. Majsan, Lindsjö taxar says:

    I f ound you again, great! Your pictures is great! SHarpness and nice colours. I have luck to come by roes, mooses, deers. What camera, lens do you use. I´m a beginner and want to learn.

  6. Ron McCombe says:

    Him Majsan

    Tanks for you kind comments, the camera I use is a canon 1D MK IV and my main lens id the canon 500mm f4 L IS USM


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