Great Spotted Woodpecker – Denholm, Scottish Birders.



Great Spotted Woodpecker Garden Bird Workshops 

I have started the Garden Bird Workshops up again after have a state of the art hide built in my garden recently. The birds are turning up now after six months of feeding them. My favourite birds are the great spotted woodpecker and I am lucky enough to have them visiting regularly. They come in as close as ten feet from the lens giving great opportunities of getting stunning images of these exciting birds.


Her are just a few, I hope you like them.

Iceland Gull, Loch Na Keal, Isle of Mull.

1440 iceland gull BI4X8912

Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides Isle of Mull.

I took these pictures of the Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides on Mull Charter’s boat Lady Jane on a white-tailed eagle trip on Loch Na Keal. As with most small boats Lady Jane was getting a following of sea gulls looking for offerings from the boat. In the middle of the group of following gulls I saw the Iceland Gull competing for food, its a bit of a rarity around UK coastline so we were very please to see it.

Her are a few image, I hope you like them

Ringed Plover Isle of Mull.

Ringed Plover – Loch Na Keal, Isle of Mull.

3 1440 ringed plover BI4X9684

On a recent trip to the Isle of Mull looking for otter, I came across this ringed plover on the shore of Loch Na Keal. The bird was calling incessantly to its mate. I spent some time watching the bird calling and running around in front of me and took some images of their behaviour.

The ringed plover Charadrius hiaticula is a small wading bird; it can be very difficult to see on a stony shore as it blends in so well with its habitat. It will lay its eggs on the shore in a small scrape in the pebbles. This is its best form of defence as it is very difficult to pick out on the shoreline.

Here are a few pictures from the session, I hope you like them




Lesser Redpoll Acanthis cabaret, Scottish Borders

Lesser Redpoll
Lesser Redpoll

The lesser redpoll is a bird not seen too often around the Borders Region of Scotland, so I was delighted to see them in my garden darting about in playfull courtship. My new hide has now been finished  so I decided to spend some time trying to get pictures of this beautiful bird. It didn’t take long before the pair settled and let me get some image.

I hope you like them



Adders in the early morning

720 1440 cropped adder AF2T2386I have never made any secret of the fact that I don’t like snakes, they always give me the creeps just looking at them. I got a phone call from a friend of mine saying I should come and look at some adders he found on the edge of some moorland. My initial reaction was “not likely”, but then I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a go. So I went the next morning to the adder site with some trepidation.

I arrived at the site quite early and the sun was shining, the adders were very obliging and they behaved themselves. Nobody got bitten, the adders were unharmed and treated with respect and I managed some images. Result I think.

I hope you like them

Goosander River, Teviot Hawick.

Goosander female

Female Goosander

I have always admired the goosanders on the rivers here in the Borders. They have not always been the easiest duck to get close to untill I found a small flock on the Teviot in Hawick itself.  They just sit on the water when you apprached them. Normally they are quite skittish and fly away as soon as they see you.

At this time of year the males are displaying, looking for a mate. The male snaps his head back rapidly trying to attract a female.

1440 goosander BI4X3338The male snaps his head back in courtship.

I think they are a very attractive duck, they are fishe-aters and come under the sawbill catagory. They have teath along the length of the beak which are angles back so the came hold on to their prey.


White-throated Dipper, Nest Building, River Tweed

720 6 1555 dipper BI4X4366White-throated Dipper

Its a busy time of year for the dippers on the rivers and streams, its bonding and nest building time. I went to a favoutie place of mine near Melrose, there has been a nest here on this site for many years and generation after generation have nested here nest.

I spent most of the day hidden at the side of the river and watched them working away as they collect grasses and mosses to build the nest. The birds work very hard all day long and didn’t seam to take a break at all.

Here are a few pictures taken during the day, I hope you like them.

Golden Eagles, Kalvtrask, Sweden


Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle

I have just returned from Northern Sweden where I held another successful golden eagles workshop. I had a full complement of three guests in the hide at Kalvtrask Vasterbottens Lan.

We had mixed weather with heavy snow and brightness with bright frosty weather on our last day. The mixture of weather gives good opportunities for varied photography with the birds in falling snow and bright sunshine.

The small birds around the hide performed well, but the eagles kept us all waiting until day three when the male gave us a superb show. The male area eagle came down to feed just seven metres from the camera giving us great views and picture opportunities, grey headed woodpecker, bulfinch, willow tit.

I am running the trip again in February 2017, if this interests you talk a look at this link