Golden Eagle Workshop, Northern Sweden, February 2017.

I have just returned from my golden eagle workshop in Kalvtrask, Northern Sweden. We had a great trip with the eagles performing very well, seeing and photographing them on all three days. The male eagle was showing aggresion as another eagle that entered the area. Its hackle went up and it pushed its chest out and lifted its head back in a gesture of defiance. If this of interest to you please take a look at this link for details

There were lots of small birds on all three days, bulfinch’s, great spotted woodpecker, eurasian jays, marsh tit, black woodpecker giving great opportunities for great photography. We has an amazing trip, and came back wih lots of pictures. Here are just a few

Woodland Birdhide is now up and running.

720 1440 redpoll BI4X4303It started in March when I got a buider in to look at building a birdhide. We have a good veriety of birds comming out of the woodlands ajacent to my garden, from woodpeckers, lesser, redpols, nuthatch, blue tit, great tit,] and siskins to name a few. The hide has electricity and heating and very soon I will be able to get internet connection in there.

Its great having the facility so close to home, twenty metres away. I find myself going in at 6:00am some morning just as the sun is coming up over the horizon getting some stunning light on the birds

If you would like to come along and and take some pictures take a look at this link