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Hi my name is Ron McCombe, this is my blog, I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Please take a look and contribute if you feel the urge.

I am a full time wildlife photographer living in the Scottish Borders near Hawick My work is mainly in Scotland, traveling from my home in the Borders to Shetland, the Outer Hebrides, the Highlands and other islIslands especially the Isle of Mull, I run a number of workshops in Scotland and Northern Europe you can find details of my workshops here.  I give illustrated talks to any interested groups and have a large stock image library.

I spend considerable amount of time near my home in the Borders photographing the local birds and mammals from my woodland hide

My work has been featured in many magazines and publication and I have written just one book so far entitled “Wildlife through my Viewfinder” which is a collection of photographs and the stories behind them.

The gallerie below is a collection of images from my latest vernture, my Woodland Bird Hide. I like that I can go in the hide every day particulaly if the light is good.




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  1. Ron, very impressed with and interested in the photography. I’m a new novice at this game and would appreciate some insight into camera / lens settings; used to capture such fantastic images. Keep up the good work

  2. Ron, absolutley stunning photographs. I’m trying to get out and about in the borders as well to take some photo’s but after looking at yours at first i thought i would just give up. However i won’t give up as you have now given me the inspiration to carry on to try and capture the wildlife in the same way that you can. What a great life you have taking these photo’s and getting to fish on the Tweed as well!!!

  3. Your Waxwing photograph is superb, where was that? What did you use to take it?


  4. Hi, you have amazing images. What advice would you give to someone starting out in wildlife photography and the best lenses to use?

  5. Hi Ron, I am delighted that your photograph won; it is a beautiful image and a worthy winner. I counted 32 Waxwings on a neighbour’s roof last week and your photograph shows the beauty of this bird so well. Best wishes and well done!

  6. Evening Ron,
    I found your website by pure chance while looking for some images of Red Grouse which i would like to sketch. You images are truley breath taking and make me want to get outdoors more often than i do!!!!!! Great work and thumbs up from me!!!
    Would you grant permission for me to use two of your Red Grouse images to draw for my own personal use? I like to sketch in Graphite pencil in my spare time (Limited these days) and your shots of this stunning Bird capture the subject perfectly.
    Hope you can help.

    Regards Adam

  7. Hi Adam

    that would be fine provided that its not for commercial gain, perhaps you could send me a photograph of the finished picture

    Good luck


  8. Evening Ron,
    Thanks for the response.I only draw for myself and there is no commercial gain at all (I’m not that good!!!!!!) It’s just for pleasure. I was up on the Pennines last week watching the grouse but with my camera i could not capture them and they look more like sparrows in the distance!!!!!
    The picture you have taken of the bird on the fencing,how could i be able to zoom in close on the bird to replicate the fine detail of this bird without the image becoming grainy?I have saved the image in “My Computer” but cannot get closer to the bird to help me draw him.
    Once again thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

    Warm Regards


  9. HI Andrew
    sounds good to me. I am away on the Isle of Mull all nest week and wont be back u till the Sunday. I could come down and see you the following week id that fits in with you.



  10. Fantastic photos there, especially love the barn owl…have a real soft spot for owls and you’ve captured the essence of this magnificent bird very well. Thanks so much for sharing

  11. Hi Ron,
    Just picked up a copy of Outdoor Photography. Congratulations on your award – great pic of the Gennets. Less than a month to Mull now!!!
    All the best

  12. Hi Ron
    Would it be alright for me to copy one of your images please get back

  13. HI Charley

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I have been n the Czech Republic

    It depends what you want t do with it. If its just for you, no problem.


  14. Ron back in the lnd of the living how’s the mk4 going think I’m gonna have one hope to see u soon

  15. Hello Ron,
    My wife and I were walking from Duthie Park into Aberdeen alongside the Dee on Wednesday 11-04-2012 and we saw a white-headed oystercatcher like the one you posted on 06-04-2011. This was on the north side of the river, just over from Craiginches prison; I wonder if it was the same bird. I can’t find any other references to colour variations in the oystercatcher.

  16. HI James

    I don’t think its the same bird, as I am told they don’t live very long. the bird I saw was probably four years old last year. But I am by no means an expert. The bird i saw was named “whitey” by locals. I think there is an article about that bird on the Birdguides website.

    Sorry I cant be of much help here and thank you for contacting me



  17. Hello Ron, I hope you are well. My wife, Carol, and I were only looking at your book last night and it reminded us how superb your photographs are. Awesome… Once again, thank you very much for taking us both fishing this time last year on the Tweed & Teviot! I hope all is well with you, Olly & Carol

  18. HI Olly and Carol,

    Many thanks for your kind comments and thank you for taking time out to look at my images

    I hope to see you soon


  19. Hi Ron fame again one of your photos printed in the Daily Mail today

    Well done

  20. Hi Ron,

    Great site with exceptional pictures. For your Osprey pictures did you use the site/contact mentioned in your guide? What is the best time of year to photograph the Ospreys, I am in the Isle of Mull in May 2013. Finally is there any way of following your blog, so we can see posts as they are updated?

    Cheers Bob

  21. Hi Ron,

    Your photos are stunning. Can I ask if you would allow me to use some as reference material for some paintings. Although an amateur artist I do sell my paintings occasionally so there may be some commercial gain. I would of course credit your photographs on the reverse of the paintings. Do you have a price for the use of an image in this way?

    Many thanks


  22. Hello Ron, I have spent a long time searching for an image of a Roe Deer and discovered a photo you have taken and love it. We are a small bed and breakfast near Newcastle and Roe Deer are regularly seen in the near by woods. We would like to use one of your photos as part of our new logo. Please can you contact me at the above email address to discuss. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  23. Lovely photograph Ron. Thank you for sharing your photographs. Stunning!!!

  24. DEAR RON
    will you be running white tailed eagle
    workshops next year please if so do
    you have any idea when these will be please
    i came on your osperys workshop last year
    and i learnt so much from you
    thank you very much
    yours sincerly

  25. Great stuff, Ron. I’ll be up your way one day hopefully (I live in Dorset so a bit of a trek, unfortunately). Good work here for sure!

  26. Hi Ron,
    I’m not sure if we’ve met (I live just up the road, near Melrose) but I’m about to embark on a large painting of a fox and was wondering if you have a good site to view fox so that I can make some more field sketches? I did quite a few last year when a pair set up territory behind my house, but one can never have enough reference!

  27. Hi Ron,

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