Woodland Bird Workshop

Woodland Birds Workshop

Denholm, Nr Hawick, Scottish Borders

Please email ron@wildlife-photography.uk.com

Ron – Thanks for a great time on the workshop just had a look at the Siskin and goldys really happy best I’ve took yet. Light was spot on. Please keep me informed of anything else coming up and still might do that one again to hit on with the Redpolls.
Neil Cairns …….. Morpeth

Ron – This is a long overdue thank you message for our visit to your woodland hide. Joan and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you. I don’t know about Joan’s pics but I am very pleased with mine. I’m getting used to my new camera and getting good results. Think I might go for a longer lens……..had a rubbish X2 converter which I got rid of.
Thanks again for your hospitality and thanks to your birdies for performing for us! I may come back sometime.

Louise Wallace …….. Selkirk

The hide seats four people, plates are fitted to take tripod heads or bean-bags are available is required. Tripods can be used if preferred.

The birds are 12 – 16 feet from the camera on muliple set ups including a reflection pool

The birds visiting are great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, tree creeper, lesser redpoll, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, long tailed tit (in winter), dunnock, goldfinch, robin, pheasant, collared dove, occasionally Sparrowhawk, occasionally spotted flycatcher, blackbird, tree sparrow, house sparrow. brambling. grey wagtail

The birds are very close and exceptionally good images can be expected with great backgrounds.

The Set Up

Please take a look at this video made by my old friend Dean Bricknellshowimg thje hide and outside set up https://youtu.be/FhIlRHIT8Fw

Lenses required

Zoom lenses are a good idea, 100 – 400, 150 – 600mm are a good size, Prime lenses 300mm, 400mm, 500mm. The birds are large in the frame with 500mm.

Bridge cameras can be really good on this workshop

The cost

1 person £60.  2 people £50 per head, 3 & 4 people £40 per head

Please email ron@wildlife-photography.uk.com