House Martins return to the Scottish Borders

The house martins have returned to the Scottish Borders to breed again this year. The story of this little birds is astonishing. The birds breed here in the UK and then fly down to the African continent to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania for the winter, a journey of over 4000 miles and amazingly they return to the nest site that they were born in.  They tend to nest in barns and out buildings and of course the eves of houses

These little birds’ area very approachable during the collection of mud for nest building but not so much after pair bonding has taken place when they are very difficult to get near to. They have white downy feather on their legs, which is very distinctive. They will stay here until August – September time before gathering into flocks of 200 – 300 and return to Africa. Its an amazing story, particularly for such a small birds, buts it one that continues year in and year out for quite a few of our feathered friends.

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