Kittiwakes return to St Abbs Head NNR

St Abbs Head National Nature Reserve is situated six or seven miles north of Berwick upon Tweed and sticks out into the North Sea. The sea cliffs are an excellent place for nesting seabirds and I went along to seeĀ  just what had returned to the nesting sites. It is a little early but there on the sea cliffs were hundreds of kittiwakes sitting and squabbling and calling with the iconic kittiwake calls. There was also a small number of razorbills at the bottom of the cliffs just above the tide line. There were a number of guillemots sitting on the sea just off St Abbs and they will settle on the cliffs very soon along with the rest of the razorbills.

I held a workshop there a few days later and we took some pictures of the kittiwakes in the early morning sunshine. I think these are a very handsome bird and quite like to sit and watch them fly round and interact and watch them land on the nest sites.

I am looking forward to going back to St Abbs very soon to see all the nesting seabirdsĀ  sitting on their nests on the cliffs.

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