Brown Hares chasing and boxing in the Scottish Borders

The warmer weather seems to have brought the brown hare out. I have been struggling to find them recently, but today I found a field with seven hares sitting about doing very little. I watched and waited to see if they would start to interact. It was the usual scenario, one female and half a dozen males. I was hoping for fireworks but it went off  at a bit of a whimper. I suspect that the female wasn’t quite in season, they tend to come into oestrus about every six to eight days. Judging by the low level of  activity she was between cycles. It took me four hours to work this out but I will keep looking and hopefully be there when it all happens.

The hares were at a bit of a distance but here are a few of the pictures I took today.

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Two male chasing as the female watches from the side

The chase lasted just a few seconds

the two males sparred for a few seconds

It was more like handbags at three paces

It all ended very quickly, and very meekly

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