Coots on the Water

I was finalizing the pictures from the shoots at the Hirsel Country Park near Coldstream last week and finally got to the pictures of coot running across the surface of the lake. If you see the size of the feet on a coot, you can understand just how they manage to keep on the surface of the lake.

I had waited for some time to get these images. I thought that coot’s squabbled and fought all day long, but the evidence is that that it occurs periodically throughout the day and not continually. The day was sunny and some of the autumn reflections on the water from the trees and the clear sky  were something to see,  I think I have caught the colours  in some of the pictures of the coot running on the water.

I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Ron McCombe

I am a full time wildlife photographer living in the Scottish Borders. I do most of my photography in Scotland in the Highlands and Islands as well as the Scottish Borders. I also travel to Northern Scandinavia, North America, Canada and South Africa to photograph birds and mammals. I organize workshops and deliver illustrated talks on birds and wildlife. My work has been featured in many magazines and publication and I have written just one book so far entitled “Wildlife through my Viewfinder” which is a collection of photographs and the stories behind them. I hope you enjoy this blog and website. I will try to update it as often as possible. I have recently started a newsletter, if you would like to receive it please sign up using the button on the front page of my website

2 thoughts on “Coots on the Water”

  1. Hello there Ron
    Lovely to see your great shots of the Coot and as you say the Autum Colours really beautiful.
    Thankyou Ron for sharing.
    Kind Regards
    Dorothy do hope your both keeping well and warm.

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