Brown Hares at Hassington near Kelso in the Scottish Borders

These are some of the pictures I took when I saw the kestrel attacking the brown hare. I counted seventeen hares in the field spread out across the field. I was constrained by time and I only had a couple of hours before I had to leave. When it was time to leave I wanted to stay longer as I am certain that there was going to be some really great action occurring due to the number of hares present and I cant tell you just how frustrating that is

I managed some images of some action in the time I had in front of them. The early morning light was really good, usually the light is indifferent, so to get good light and not be able to take advantage of it just added to my frustration.

The hares were just running around and then resting  there seemed to be one Jill (female) with a number of Jacks (males) in close proximity., There where a few little skirmishes happening and here are some of the pictures.


  1. Rhona Anderson says:

    You got some good stuff there Ron, nice movement. cheers Rhona

  2. Ron McCombe says:

    Thanks Rhona

  3. Conny Lundström says:

    Nice pictures Ron.

  4. Ron McCombe says:

    thanks Conny, much appreciated

  5. Dianne truswell says:

    beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Nola Haines says:

    Love those dark tipped ears!

  7. R0se and John Kay says:

    You get such clear photos of movement without fuzziness – excellent stuff.

  8. Allan Bell says:

    Hi Ron; spent some time in the field in front of Orminston House trying to capture “Hare Photo’s” but my longest lense was not good enough to get these kind of results… Great shots.

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