Cumberland County Show at Carlisle Racecourse, Saturday 16th July

Its the Cumberland County Show this Saturday at the Carlisle Racecourse, I have a stand in the Eden Shopping Arcade. If you are going why not come along and say hello. This is the first time I have been to the Cumberland and I am very much looking forward to it.

I hope to see you there

Brown Hares Boxing


  1. Dorothy says:

    Hello Ron

    Oh I was so sad that we could not come to see you at the Show. We were having visitors for the day and evening meal. I would love to have come to say hi.
    Well Ron the weather was poor for you all too. Very nasty for quite a while. Do hope lots of people did come to see and hope you did well there too.
    Kind Regards.
    Will catch up with you again I’m sure.
    Oh the Black Rabbits beautiful never seen those.

  2. Ron McCombe says:

    Hi Dorothy I hoped you might come to see me, its probably best that you didn’t, the weather was terrible and there was mud every where


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