Displaying/Saluting Common Sandpipers on the Isle of Mull

One of my target species of my trip was to capture the common sandpiper displaying/wing saluting. These little waders are plentiful around the coastal areas of Mull is finding them isn’t a problem. The problem is trying to catch them in the display poseĀ  which lasts for just a few seconds.

The wing saluting occurs between both males and females. Each bird will salute with one wing, then the other and then both wings together. This activity is used in aggressive and mating behavior. Its though that the white under-wing is the attractor/repeller.

I watched it last year in June when I was on Mull and thought it would be a good topic to take pictures of on this visit.

Here are some of the images taken of the birds saluting……………..

Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

Right wing salute

Left wing salute

Both wings in salute

Two wing salute

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