Coal Tit Seranade

I was sitting in a lay-by having a cup of coffee and a custard creme. I could hear a coal tit singing in a bush quite close to me. It was singing for a mate but didn’t seam to be getting anywhere. I finished my coffee and took my camera out and sat it on a beanbag on the car roof. The little bird performed well as he sang his little head off.

I am a big fan of these little birds. They are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to feeding mainly because of their size. They are the whipping boys of the bird world. They are one of our commoner species found in most wooded areas and garden. The will come readily to a bird feeder

Coal Tit

Singing Coal Tit

Coal Tit singing

Coal Tit

Coal Tit

Coal Tit

Coal tit hanging around

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Hello Again Ron

    Lovely little Coal Tit.


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