Mountain Hares at Longformacus

I went up to Longformacus again this afternoon looking for the Mountain Hares. I found it a long process last year and again not easy this year. I found an individual during the week which was partially white, they take a bit of finding and time and patience is required in abundance if you want to get close to them.

I was sitting at the side of the road with near to Longformacus I had my long lens sitting on a bean bag hanging out the side window of the car when I had an encounter of the weary kind. A car pulled up across the front of my lens with the most ignorant, arrogant churlish couple I have ever met. They demanded to know what I was doing. I don’t know their names and we had a very short conversation and they scoffed at me when I told them I was a wildlife photographer. They seamed to think they owned just abut everything including the road, doubtless our paths will cross again as it is my intention to visit the area as much as I can during the winter months.

I have to say I have had many encounters with the people of Longformacus and surrounding district and have found them very helpful and  friendly people.

These are today’s efforts, one of many over the winter months to come until I get the images I want.

I hope you enjoy looking at them

Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare

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4 thoughts on “Mountain Hares at Longformacus”

  1. Absolutely beautiful images. How sad you met such ignorant people, fortunately most of the people in Longformacus are not like that.

  2. hi ron , fantastic photos. We often drive out to longformacus to get red grouse pics. We have seen mountain hares but never managed to photography them here. A couple of weeks ago we saw a winter stoat on the moor road and spent sometime trying to get some shots until a couple pulled up fitting your description perfectly we were also quite put out by them !!!!

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