A chance meeting with Jenny

I have been very busy just lately on non photography stuff, so I was  pleased to get put again with the camera. I was out and about this morning trying to find brown hares. No luck there but I came across a beautiful wren quite close and watched it for a while and eventually it came into view of the camera. There was a  couple of blue tits in the vicinity which seemed to be winding the wren up a little bit and the wren was getting very aggressive.

These are some of the images…………..









  1. Elizabeth Spearman says:

    All the photos on the website are wonderful. I try to capture wildlife but not as successful as yourself. Thanks for spending the time to encourage us all to take time with what’s around us.

  2. Ron McCombe says:

    Hello Elisabeth

    many thanks for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated

    Kind regards

    Ron McCombe

  3. healinghands says:

    Hi Ron, you’re very welcome. I love all types of wildlife and wish I could spend more time taking photos. I will up in Dunkeld with my friend in November so hope to capture some more photos of the area and the wildlife. We are spending a week there this time instead of a few days so should have plenty of opportunities.

  4. Ron McCombe says:

    HI Elisabeth

    Try Loch of the Lowes when you get there. You should get red squirrels there


  5. healinghands says:

    Oh we’ll be there as staying just up the road from it. Spent some time there the last time we were up there. Best photo I got of a red squirrel was in the Killicrankie woods nr Pitlochry. Zoomed in and caught it looking at me with nut in its mouth and surrounded by the leaves.

  6. Christine Havers says:

    Lovely, lovely photos of this little wren, you are right there are so few around after the tough winter we have had

  7. Dorothy says:

    Hi Again Ron
    Just opened up your beautiful Site again. I just look and think how fantastic your photos are, you really do capture your subjects.
    I still have lots to go through and enjoy.
    Many Thanks Again Ron.

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